The Epic of God and Man


The Old Testament narrative in chronologial fashion and in its historical context.


In Praise of Simplicity


A vivid, autobiographical portrayal of the life of a medical missionary to the Congo in the 20th and 21st century.

Calvinism Made Simple

An explanation of Reformed Theology of Salvation.

The Prophets and the Promise

A comprehensive and classic treatment of the Old Testament prophets and prophecy. Lightly edited for the 21st century.

providing books that encourage you to


Reflect on the Bible
through a cultural and
contextual perspective.


Grow in your faith
as you discover
biblical truths.


Respond to what you
learn and put God’s
powerful word into practice.

Alev Books

ALEV Books is the moniker under which the Canadian missiologist Peter Pikkert ( has been publishing his books since 1991. When some other missionary and theologically-minded people asked him for help in publishing their works, ALEV Books slowly evolved into the small, independent publisher it is today. In 2012 it was registered with the government of Ontario, Canada, as a partnership between Dr. PIkkert and Mr. A.J. Whitehead (CPA, CA).

ALEV Books focuses on non-fiction in the areas of language acquisition, cross-cultural communication, Christianity and Islam. It also publishes fiction-with-a-message pertaining to these areas.

ALEV Books are printed by Createspace, Amazon’s print-on-demand subsidiary.

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